List of Preceptories in the Province
KT Installations in Red, Malta Installations in Blue
Times of Meetings as shown are for convenience only and may alter
Please confirm with the Recorder

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No Name Meeting Place Meeting Dates
F Union or Rougemont Preceptory
Freemasons' Hall, 27a Gandy Street, Exeter,
3rd Wednesday in January, March, and November and 4th Wednesday in September at 5:30pm  
10 Royal Veterans Preceptory
St.Aubyn Masonic Hall, 33 Devonport Road, Stoke, Plymouth, PL3 4UD
2nd Monday in March, May, July and November at 18:15 pm
19 Trinity in Unity Preceptory
The Masonic Hall, 4 Trafalgar Lawn, Barnstaple,
EX32 9BD
Last Thursday in January, April, June and November at 6:30
25 Royal Sussex Preceptory
Masonic Temple, Tor Hill Road, Torquay, TQ2 5RN 2nd Wednesday in February, March, May and November at 6:00 p.m.
90 Restormel Preceptory & St. Andrew Priory Freemason's Hall, 9 Foundry Square, Hayle,
TR27 4AE
3rd Saturday in February, May, September and November
480 Launceston Castle Preceptory & St. Thomas Priory Masonic Hall, Tavistock Road, Launceston,
PL15 9EZ
Last working day in September & November, 4th Tuesday in April and last Monday in June
561 Holy Cross Preceptory
Masonic Hall, Queen Street, Seaton, EX12 2RB 3rd Tuesday in February, May, September and November at 5:30
611 St. John of Jerusalem Preceptory & St. Michael Priory Masonic Hall, St. Michael's Road, Newquay,
4th Tuesday in February, 4th Wednesday in April, 4th Friday in October and 2nd Wednesday in December at 6:00 pm unless otherwise notified.
625 Tamar Preceptory of Installed Preceptors.
Masonic Hall, Tavistock Road, Launceston
4, Trafalgar Lawn, Barnstaple, EX32 9BD
or other such place nominated by the Preceptor
1st Saturday in February
3rd Saturday in June at 11:00 am
628 The Mandylion Preceptory & The Keramion Priory Masonic Hall, Western Road, Ivybridge, PL21 9AN Last Friday in March & May, last Wednesday in August and 3rd Monday in December at 6:00 pm
654 Vera Crux Preceptory
Masonic Hall, 3 St. Andrew's Road, Exmouth,
2nd Tuesday in February, May, July & September at 11:00 a.m.